Best Abstract Competition (10月7日)

  • Yusuke Tokuda (Japan) : Improvement in Cardiac Sympathetic Nervous Activity After TAVR Evaluated by 123I-MIBG SPECT
  • Chi-wing Wong (Hong Kong) : Performance of the Endothelial Progenitor Cell Capturing Drug Eluting Stent with Short DAPT in Patients Scheduled for TAVI Procedure
  • Neeraj Aggarwal (India) : Retrograde Balloon Pulmonary Valve Dilatation in Neonates - Our Experience
  • Jenny-lynn V. Juhuri (Philippines) : Clinical Utility of Pre-operative 3D TEE in Surgical Planning in Patients with Degenerative or Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Jieh-neng Wang (Taiwan) : Transcatheter Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Very Low Birth Weight Premature Babies
  • Sho Takahashi (Japan) : 4 Adult Cases of Long-tube Form Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closed by the Amplatzer Vascular Plug Ⅱ

Live From Prince of Wales Hospital (10月7日)

  • 中文传译专家:林逸贤
  • Jason LK Chan (Hong Kong) : Different Approach in Para-valvular Leak
  • Hidehiko Hara (Japan) : A Nightmare Case of PVL Closure Using Occlutech PLD
  • Apostolos Tzikas (Greece) : Para-valvular Leak Using Vascular Plug
  • 中文传译专家:孔祥清
  • Ziyad Hijazi (Qatar) : PPVI in Postoperative RVOT Conduits
  • Worakan Promphan (Thailand) : Options for PPVI in native RVOTs
  • Mazeni Alwi (Malaysia) : Balloon Dilation in Critical PS – Technical Consideration
  • Live case/手术转播
  • Réda Ibrahim、张诚谦 : PVL closure
  • Ziyad Hijazi、Robin chen : PDA closure
  • Réda Ibrahim、张诚谦 : LAAO Occlusion (Amulet)
  • Ziyad Hijazi、Robin chen : Coarctation stenting

Lunch Symposium sponsored by Venus Medtech (10月7日)

  • 中文传译专家:房芳
  • 宋光远 : Venus-A and Venibri Experiences in China
  • Worakan Promphan (Thailand) : Experiences with Venus P valve in Thailand
  • 宋光远 : SeaLA LAA - Design and Early Human Experiences

Opening Ceremony (10月7日)

  • Opening Ceremony

APCASH 2017 Distinguished Lecture (10月7日)

  • Reda Ibrahim (Canada) : Structural Heart Interventions Since 15 Years: What I Learned So Far?

Live From Prince of Wales Hospital (10月7日)

  • #AORTIC VALVE SESSION - TAVI in Bicuspid Aortic Valve
  • 中文传译专家:宋光远
  • Vincent WS Ng (Hong Kong) : Incident of Bicuspid Aortic Valve
  • Jason LK Chan (Hong Kong) : Pitfalls of Current TAVI Devices in Bicuspid Valve: Evolute R
  • Simon CC Lam (Hong Kong) : Pitfalls of Current TAVI Devices in Bicuspid Valve: S3
  • 陈茂 : Pitfalls of Current TAVI Devices in Bicuspid Valve: Use of Venus-A in Bicuspid Valve
  • 中文传译专家:刘巍
  • Ming-chern Leong (Malaysia) : Who to Treat and Who to Repair?
  • Gerald Yong (Australia) : Patient Selection & Device Selection in Valve-in-Valve TAVI
  • Wei-hsian Yin (Taiwan) : Tips & Tricks in Valve-in-Valve TAVI
  • Lars Sondergaard (Denmark) : Durability of Transcatheter and Surgical Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves
  • Live case/手术转播
  • 张诚谦、 Lars Sondergaard : TAVI
  • Saibal Kar、林逸贤 : Mitraclip
  • 张诚谦、Saibal Kar : LAA Occlusion (WATCHMAN)
  • 林逸贤、Saibal Kar : LAA Occlusion (LAmbre)

Tricuspid Valve (10月8日)

  • 中文传译专家:房芳
  • Kevin KH Kam (Hong Kong) : Echo Assessment of Tricuspid Valve
  • Hung-leong Cheung (Hong Kong) : Surgical Treatment for Severe TR
  • Jason LK Chan (Hong Kong) : Valve-in-Valve Tricuspid Valve
  • Saibal Kar (USA) : Mitraclip in severe TR
  • Shing-fung Chui (Hong Kong) : Redefine the Role of P2Y12i and SGLT2i in Post MI and DM Management – From Studies & Guidelines Updates to Clinical Practice

LAAO in Different Device & Complication Management (10月8日)

  • 中文传译专家:林逸贤
  • Saibal Kar (USA) : Watchman
  • Reda Ibrahim (Canada) : Complications Post-Amulet: Incidence and Management
  • 黄鹤 : Multi-center LAmbre Experience in China
  • 蒋晨阳 : Cryo + LAAC Combination Therapy on Afib Patients
  • Jung-sun Kim (Korea) : LAA Occlusion with LAA Thrombus, Retrieval of Embolized Devices and Stroke after LAA Occlusion
  • Apostolos Tzikas (Greece) : Best Clinical Practice for LAAO: How to Avoid Complications
  • Xavier Freixa (Spain) : Left atrial Appendage Occlusion as Adjunctive Therapy in patients with Stroke despite Optimal Oral Anticoagulation: A Novel Indication

Sponsored Lecture by Medtronic (10月8日)

  • 中文传译专家:房芳
  • Antony Wong (Hong Kong) : The Spiral Journey of Renal Denervation on track or off track
  • Peter Nagal (USA) : Evolut PRO: The Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance
  • Gary SH Cheung (Hong Kong) : Evolut PRO Local Experience Sharing

Lunch Symposium sponsored by Abbott (10月8日)

  • 中文传译专家:房芳
  • Apostolos Tzikas (Greece) : Advanced Tips and tricks for LAAO: Lessons from US IDE Amulet Study
  • Takashi Matsumoto (Japan) : My MitraClip cases for DMR
  • Shih-Hsien Sung (Taiwan) : Is there a role of MitraClip in FMR?

Mitral Valve Intervention (10月8日)

  • 中文传译专家:宋思贤
  • Eric CY Wong (Hong Kong) : TEE Acquisition before and during MitraClip
  • Takashi Matsumoto (Japan) : New Advance in MitraClip
  • Xavier Freixa (Spain) : Mitraclip in Patients with Very Low Ejection Fraction…
  • Saibal Kar (USA) : Pascal
  • Lars Sondergaard (Denmark) : What is TMVR?

Best Clinical Case Competition (10月8日)

  • Saima Mangi (Singapore) : Bilateral Branch PA Stenting post Arterial switch Procedure with Lecompte
  • Yoshifumi Nakajima (USA) : Successful Treatment for Severe Functional Mitral and Tricuspid Regurgitation using MitraClip System
  • Joe KT Lee (Hong Kong) : TAVR for pure native AR, Are we there yet?
  • Alfred YH Wong (Hong Kong) : LAAO + TAVI in a case of CRHD
  • Robin HS Chen (Hong Kong) : Reopening & Stenting of PDA Staged Management of Patient with Disconnected LPA & Large VSD
  • Ivan MH Wong (Hong Kong) : An Unusual Case of Left to Right Shunt

Closing Remarks (10月8日)