Preliminary Programme (Dec.20th)

  • Dr Tsutomu FUJITA(JPN),Prof YY Lam(HK),Prof Yujie ZHOU(CHN) : Welcome Remarks
  • Prof David CW SIU (HK) : Lecture 1: Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: NOAC or LAAO
  • Prof Hidehiko HARA (JPN) : Lecture 2: How to set up LAA closure Program in Japan
  • Prof Xi SU and Team (CHN) : Live Case 1: LAAO (Live Transmission from Wuhan)
  • Prof Xi SU (CHN) : Lecture 3: WATCHMAN: Tips and Tricks (Lecture transmitted from Wuhan)
  • Prof YY LAM (HK) : Lecture 4: Management of LAAO complications
  • Prof YY LAM (HK) : Lecture 5: Role of Echo for Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Clipping
  • Prof Takashi MATSUMOTO (JPN) : Lecture 6: Tips and Tricks for MitraClip in Degenerative and Functional MR: Cases Illustrations
  • Prof Xi SU and Team (CHN) : Live Case 2: TAVR (TBC, Live Transmission from Wuhan)
  • Dr Daisuke HACHINOHE (JPN) : Recorded Live Case: TAVR (S3)
  • Dr Umihiko KANEKO (JPN) : Lecture 7: Hypotension during TAVR: How to manage?
  • Prof Liu Wei (CN) : Lecture 8: 左心耳封堵一例