Dr. Misbahul和“一带一路”健康项目的渊源

Since the Belt and Road initiative was launched in 2013, China has always captured the world's attention.


In China Daily's Belt and Road series, we were pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Misbahul from Bangladesh.

在《中国日报》 “一带一路”主题系列节目中,我们惊喜地发现了来自孟加拉国的米斯巴胡医生的身影。

Doctor Misbahul, who’s working at the Department of Cardiology at Beijing Fuwai Hospital and vice-president of Asia Society of Cardiology.



In the program, Misbahul introduced his "destiny" with China.


He came in China in 2009, October for pursuing his master degree program in Shandong University, the School of Medicine.


Luckily, he got the Chinese Government Scholarship. So he came back to university and started PhD again.


In 2017, Misbahul finished his PhD in cardiology. Finally in 2018, he started job in Fuwai Hospital, which is national center for the cardiovascular disease in China and largest cardiac center in the world.



When Misbahul worked in the Fuwai Hospital, he had a chance to work actively for the Belt and Road Initiative, under the Chinese Society of the Cardiology, and under the Fuwai Hospital.


He joined professor Wu Yongjian’s team in Fuwai hospital, made very successful cooperation with the countries of Belt and Road in the field of cardiology.


Just six months before, his team launch one mobile app. It is the first mobile app in the name of the Belt and Road Initiative, the name is BRI-Belt and Road Initiative for the heart attack patient in the Belt and Road countries.



When it comes to expectations for the future of Belt and Road, Misbahul pointed out that Bangladesh is a developing country with large population and small land, so he is looking more forward to the development of infrastructure, education and health.


在谈到对“一带一路”未来的期待时,米斯巴胡指出,孟加拉国是一个发展中国家,人口多、土地少,所以他更加关注基础设施建设、教育和卫生的发展。As a doctor and a cardiologist, he is trying to open a very big hospital in Bangladesh in the future, with the name of the Belt and Road Cardiac Hospital. And his team is trying to communicate with some investors in China.


Misbahul devoted himself to his beloved medical career, has made extraordinary contributions. Hopefully his dreams will come true.



More than 37 international media published china daily’ interview on their official page like New York Times, The Telegraph, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Fox34News and so on. The story of Dr. Misbahul and Belt and Road was known all over the world.


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